Stojo pocket cup is a portable, pop-up cup designed to collapse to a pocket friendly two inches when not required, expanding to five inches whereupon it’ll hold 12ozs (315ml), of your favourite tipple.  


Designed in New York, the inventors sought to overcome the need for bulky flasks and to combat the wasteful, environmental impact of polystyrene cups. Talking of which, the main body and top cap stopper are made from FDA grade silicone and offered in four funky colours. Internal pour points sound gimmicky but swayed sceptical cafe owners who felt they were being duped into serving more generous measures.   Lid and heat sleeve are polypropylene. 


Everything strips to individual component parts and can be bunged in the dishwasher too. Collapsed to erect takes about ten seconds, less with practice


Open the lid stopper, whip away the heat sleeve, expand the cup body and then refit the sleeve halfway to reinforce the cup’s walls. Unscrew the lid, pour in your beverage and enjoy. When you’ve finished, remove the heat sleeve, refit the stopper, press flat and push the sleeve inside the base.It can now slip into a pocket, pannier or big wedge pack.


Stojo say its leak proof….Hmm. So long as you’ve tightened the lid and pushed the plug fully home, you won’t find a sticky, residual mess pooling in pockets or packs. 


Compared with the ubiquitous polystyrene disposables, scalds and soggy shorts are also unlikely. Ours was felled by an over-excited hand when brimming with hot coffee. A few localised millilitres dribbled out - think trade bottle spout or similar, not a piping hot tsunami - even when flipped upside down for a few seconds. 

Talking of which, with sleeve in place, insulation is pretty good. Teas, coffees and soups taste authentic and have remained hot for a good fifteen minutes when the mercury’s between 5 and 8 degrees.


After twenty, things turn tepid. Those prone to gassing should note they’ll be borderline stone cold by thirty. Despite some initial scepticism, I’ve really enjoyed ours, using it almost daily. 


Whilst not cycling specific, nor ideal for wilderness touring, sheer convenience means it’s fast become a pocket staple on longer rides and commutes. The only stumbling block for me, and others I’ve spoken with, is price. I’m confident it will last and repay the investment many times over. That said, I’m not sure performance and credentials are enough to persuade me to part with £15.


Michael Stenning


Verdict: 3/5 stars; innovative space-saving cup made with high quality materials but price was a turn-off for me.





Ryton On Dunsmore

Coventry  CV8 3FH