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Green Oil Wet Chain Lube is designed to mimic the performance of a PTFE infused brew but substituting plant extracts for environmentally dubious petrochemical. 


It’s been around for a few years now and the Brixton based eco brand were understandably reticent to give much away. They confirmed the lubricant component is derived from a mixture of “crop, fruit and leaf based oils from numerous plants”. N-tox is their brand of fixing agent, stopping it being washed away in the first big puddle, or long grass. 


In common with petrochemicals, recipient chains need to be surgically clean first time round and the bottle given a liberal shake. Pop the dropper and drizzle sparingly into the links, wiping excess as you go.  


Ironically enough, it pours a rich, honey colour-just like middle weight ISO/Teflon types. Four or five revolutions of the crank and its almost indistinguishable from bog standard wet formulas. There’s no hanging around waiting for it to cure either. 


Green Oil also recommends it for cables, locks and other mechanisms. Broadly speaking, we agree and have had great results with cleat mechanisms, as a grease substitute on mudguard, carrier and bottle cage fasteners. Steve also freed up his shed’s arthritic padlock with four drops.


However, a word of caution when it comes to cables. A quick trace around the stops/ferules stops water/ingress working inside but inner wires tended to gum up, requiring intensive shots of water displacer. The same goes for derailleur springs and pivot points. 


Responsiveness is somewhere between a heavyweight Teflon and the thinner end of the wet lube zodiac - slick but without feeling syrupy and has clung convincingly to electroplated, galvanised and stainless chains alike.

Several months’ spent traversing wet, gritty back roads and bridle path confirmed its staying prowess. So long as shallow river crossings were avoided, Michael consistently achieved the claimed 125miles per application. Steve has clocked 200 plus during April. 


Even then, staying prowess is impressive, demanding two generous helpings of foaming chain degreaser to strip it ready for their clean running wax. As with other wet lubes, cleanliness is next to godliness and it does attract moderate amounts of transmission nibbling grot. It also transfers to hands/clothing with infuriating ease. 


Bottom line; we like it. Some store branded wet brews will trump this in terms of outright staying prowess and represent better value - if this is your only measure. However, it’s not far behind them and completely free of toxins. 

Verdict: 4/5 Minor points aside, a good alternative to bog standard wet lubes for everyday riding.


Steve Dyster and Michael Stenning





Ryton On Dunsmore

Coventry  CV8 3FH