GT 85 Original Multi-Purpose Lubricant 400ml £5.99

GT85 original is the brand's iconic water displacer cum light lubricant and one I’ve used to excellent effect since 1989. Designed to keep things slick, squeak and corrosion free, despite fierce competition, it remains an extremely versatile and relevant addition to any rider’s shelf or tool box.

Like most, this aerosol spray comprises of solvent, Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) and butane propellant, which is a pretty flammable cocktail, so store somewhere cool, dry and free from sources of ignition.


Solvents serve as carriers, keeping it sprayable. Having hit their intended tarmac, they gobble the grot, leaving the surface clean. Evaporation follows; leaving only the slippery corrosion inhibiting lubricant film behind. 

Introducing clean rag during the early stages, it becomes a powerfully efficient cleaner, whether you’re priming a slightly gritty chain for a PTFE based oil top-up, chasing muck from a stodgy wet lube or bringing a saturated lighting switch gear, computer sensors or similar tech back from the brink. 

I’ve also used it to great effect as a post ride flush-through on thin wall tubing following really wet rides sans mudguards, or to guide waxy home-brewed “hillbilly” wax based corrosion inhibitors evenly throughout their inner sanctum. A quick shot on stone chips will ward off the orange, or powdery white taint until you can get busy with primer and touch-up stick.

This, coupled with the slippery PTFE component explains why it’s so popular as a post wash treatment for cables, pivot points, derailleur springs, recessed bolt heads, jockey wheels, multi-tools etc.


As a penetrating spray for seized or rusted parts, it certainly helps free hesitant locks, sticky seat posts, stems, shoe cleat bolts and other fasteners - especially combined with leverage, or a bit of rubber mallet persuasion. However, head for Plus Gas or similar dedicated penetrant if it’s right royally stuck.

Many riders love to give their entire bike a post wash blow-over and there’s no denying it leaves a rich, glossy shine However, over time the solvent softens polymer based wax polishes, does nasty things to rubberised components-seals, tyres and suspension elastomers to name but a few.

Oh yes, did I mention it will also dissolve greases and assembly pastes that we expect to keep our hubs and other components happy for several thousand miles ... admittedly, this isn’t limited to GT85 and easily mitigated by avoiding direct contact and holding card beneath exposed cables, old rag under chains etc.  


Talking of chains, while some stockier PTFE formulas will double as passable chain lubes for dry, dusty summer days; GT85 doesn’t.

I’ve been happy enough using it as a protectant on bikes in seasonal storage, though never bettered road 40miles before links begged for something more substantial. Despite these limitations, it remains a really useful all-purpose maintenance formula and online discounts mean its better value than ever before.

Michael Stenning

Verdict; 3.5 out of 5 Iconic maintenance spray that remains very relevant for most home mechanics.





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