WD40 DRY LUBE 100ml £6.99

Mention WD40 and most of us immediately think of their iconic blue water displacer. However, this bike specific dry lube has proved surprisingly good, albeit very messy to apply - despite the adjustable spout, which supposedly controls flow-rate.

In common with other dry types, it’s designed for dry or dusty conditions where cleanliness is paramount. This one’s blended from synthetic polymers which penetrate the pins and rollers before evaporating, leaving only the friction busting film behind.


Application is pretty straightforward, albeit messy. Having stripped recipient chain(s) of any existing lubricant; grab some clean rag, pop the dry lube’s spout and introduce very carefully to every link.


While lacking the outright mess factor of some super-thin petrochemicals, it races pretty much everywhere, so don’t be tempted to top up in the kitchen! A single helping is sufficient and having dismissed excess from the chains outer plates, leave to cure.


WD40 don’t specify a standing time but 20 minutes or so seemed about right on balmy summer days. That said, in a pinch, you can literally drizzle and scoot off but this will put a dent in its staying prowess. While lubes of all types have generally become much cleaner, I was immediately struck by just how spotless my fixer’s stainless steel KMC looked.


Friction was closer to that of some wax based formulas than bog standard PTFE types too. Deep, localised flooding during our three week, four hundred mile test confirmed grit and other contaminant will still latch on but nothing like a wet lube.

Mixed terrain blasts on my rough stuff tourer mirrored this pattern, although heavier rain, long grass and soggier trails took their toll, resulting in that faint metal on metal tinkling after a modest eighty miles.  Otherwise I’ve returned 175 miles from a single application through a changeable June climate.  A bit beefy for pivot points and runny for threaded fasteners; a solitary drop worked a treat on hesitant cleat and lock mechanisms, derailleur jockey wheels.

On the plus side, the 100ml bottle slips conveniently into jersey pockets, bigger wedge/saddlebags and even with weekly top-ups, should last a reasonable while.  That said; performance isn’t markedly superior compared to some store branded mineral oil/PTFE blends and at full rrp feels a little pricey by comparison. 

Michael Stenning


3/5 stars Decent enough lube but not radically better than some bargain basement PTFE based competition.






Ryton On Dunsmore

Coventry  CV8 3FH